North West Speech Pathology


Speech Pathologists help children and adults improve their communication skills.

They assess and treat people who have difficulties with:

Articulation and Phonology - the pronunciation of speech sounds. Errors may occur as sounds develop, or as the result of physical or medical conditions or injuries.

Dyspraxia - a motor planning disorder, characterised by difficulties organising, sequencing and producing the movements (oral dyspraxia) and / or sounds (verbal dyspraxia) required for speech.

Receptive Language - the understanding of spoken and written information and instructions.

Expressive Language - the ways in which messages are communicated to others.

Phonological Awareness - the pre-requisite skills for literacy development, which include awareness and manipulation of sounds and syllables, rhyming, and sound-letter correspondence.

Stuttering, or interruptions to the flow of speech, which may be characterised by repetitions of sounds, syllables, words or phrases. Prolonging of sounds, difficulty starting words and “blocking” are also types of stutters.

Voice disorders resulting from a range of causes including injury, misuse or overuse of the voice. Speech Pathologists may work with doctors or Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists when providing treatment.

Feeding and Swallowing - Speech Pathologists can help infants who have difficulties with breast- or bottle-feeding, or when starting to eat solid foods. They also help children and adults who have eating and drinking difficulties resulting from muscle weakness or incoordination, such as following an injury or stroke.

Pragmatics - the verbal and non-verbal social skills needed for effective communication. These include eye contact, choosing and maintaining topics of conversation, and taking turns in communication.

Speech Pathologists can also help people with accent modification, public speaking and presentation skills.

At North-West Speech Pathology we offer:
  • Initial assessments of communication skills
  • Review assessments of communication skills
  • Comprehensive assessment reports
  • Individual and group therapy appointments
  • Preschool, school and home visits
  • Speech Pathology treatment programs for use at home, preschool and school
  • Consultations with preschool, school or specialist staff
  • Education and information sessions tailored for parents, caregivers, teachers and professionals
  • "It Takes Two To Talk" - The Hanen Program® for Parents
  • "More Than Words" - The Hanen Program® for Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.